An aquarium is usually a semi-ecosystem consisting of a water and freshwater tank containing at least one underlying solid surface where aquatic animals or plants are housed and exhibited. Many aquariums are designed for a certain type of fish or aquatic animal. Aquarium fish come in many varieties and are well suited for homes with small children, as they are generally hardy and don’t require a great deal of maintenance. Most aquarium fish will thrive in aquariums & fish tanks.

Aquatic plants are a beautiful addition to your home aquariums & fish tanks. Plants provide some form of natural lighting and a low noise while being an essential part of the eco-system. Aquatic plants are a great addition to your home aquariums & fish tanks. They are very low maintenance and will add beauty to your room while being lower energy costing. Aquatic plants are a major part of an Eco-system, they do not compete with other organisms in the environment.

Fish are very important to your aquariums & fish tanks. In keeping fish in aquariums, the water must be constantly cleaned, the water should never be chlorinated, the fish should be constantly watched, and they should be fed regularly. The fish should be examined once a month to insure they are doing well. Fish will typically reproduce at a rapid rate so it is important that enough space is provided. They need food as well as their own specific equipment such as heat lamps.

Freshwater aquarium with cichlids in style – pseudo-sea. Aquascape and aquadesign of aquarium

Aquariums & fish tanks are usually setup for one specific purpose, either for the sole enjoyment of the fish and the owner, or for the scientific study of an organism or disease that might be transmitted through fish. Fish can survive for years without eating. It is not recommended that you allow live fish into your aquariums & fish tanks. There are many diseases that can be transmitted by fish. You should never attempt to handle an infected fish. Do not keep any aquariums with open wounds, they are the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.

Many people who have aquariums & fish tanks wonder why some fish die thiet ke ho ca canh, while others live quite a while. Most aquariums & fish tanks are of low water conditions causing them to die, there are a few exceptions. In the wild, when a fish has been stressed out for a long period of time, they normally die. There are only a few fish that can live for more than a year or two in captivity. This is because they are so susceptible to diseases.

Aquariums & fish are very inexpensive, easy to maintain and clean up after. An aquarium will increase the value of your home and make your pets very popular. They provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can sit and relax, watching your fish. Aquariums are a lot of work, but it is worth it in the end. There are so many aquariums to choose from, you should have no problem finding a large aquarium to house your special friends. The internet is full of great images to help you decide on the right size aquarium for you.

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